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The Seismic Source Company is proud to present what we think is our most valuable asset. Recent changes to the building codes have confused and mystified many engineers and contractors. The complex and foreign nature of earthquakes including the language requires a particular knowledge coming from years of experience. Building codes have been developed so fast that the information is spead out and not easy to find. The maps displayed in codes and are not easy to read. Sources of better maps take time to find.

Calculation tools are available now for sizing anchors for floor mounted and suspended equipment. Sizing of anchors for suspended equipment also included the sizing of the cable restraints. Another application tool includes calculation of SDS from a zip code and the soil class. Many other applications are planned for future updates. As soon as these new applications are ready, they will be made available to our subscribers. Many more applications are planned for example rooftop attachments. We are working with sponsers to provide this tool so that the installation can be standardized for the most typical installations. We believe that if we can standardize the installation and sizing, then the installation costs will be reduced and more restaints will be installed and more buildings constructed with a reduced risk of damage from the next earthquake.

Anchor Sizing: Allow subscribers to complete seismic restraint anchor sizing using information about the equipment (dimensions and weight), location in the building, and the zip code (which determines the horizontal force factors).
Calculate SDS: Allow subscribers to check their own calculations to determine if the code applies to their building construction project. For non-structural components, the first thing that must be determined is the SDS.

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