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The Seismic Source Company is dedicated to provide seismic information for restraining equipment (non-structural components). As required by the building codes, seismically restraining equipment will reduce the risk and minimize damage from earthquakes. Our hope is that it will also save lives and reduce personal injury. See Web contents.

Cost: One of the reasons that seismic restraints are ignored today is that many believe that the cost to design and install seismic restraints are too high.
Standardization: With the use of this Web site, we believe that the cost of designing and installing the restraints can be reduced by standardizing the process.
Our goal: Provide our subscribers with seismic restraint design and installation information. Provide calculation tools for seismic restraint installations. To be the single source for all their needs, whatever that may be.
Access: Subscribers can download calculations, drawings, and reference documents from any computer with internet access.
Prepared: Earthquakes can not be predicted today and the resulting damage can be extensive. If we are not prepared we are vulnerable to a high risk.
Protect your password: We track site use, but understand you may need to access our site in the field. Do not give your password to anyone. You do not want them to produce calculations with your name embedded in the document.

Web Site Contents:
There is Seismic restraint design information in both public pages and subscriber pages. General information is provided in the public pages (i.e. definitions, anchor type selection guide, and more). Subscriber pages contain specific design and installation information along with calculation programs that allow subscribers to select the anchor type and size for their specific equipment.

Techincal Bulletins
Installation Instructions
Walkdown Checklists

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Calculations Calculations application program is our most valuable portion of the site. It will allow subscribers to complete seismic restraint anchor sizing using information about the equipment (dimensions and weight), location in the building, and the zip code (which determines the horizontal force factors).
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Drawings Drawings are available for a variety of installations. All the drawings are in AutoCAD format.
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Installation Instructions Installation Instructions provide simple step by step procedures with graphics to help installers. Many of the failures in past earthquakes are caused because there were no seismic restraints and improperly installed seismic restraints. These installation instructions are prepared to eliminate improperly installed restraints. Instructions include not only layout of supports, but the best practices for installing the anchors.
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Specifications Contract documents include drawings and specifications. A generic specification for seismic restraints is available to subscribers in a Microsoft Word (.doc) file. A sample specification (.doc) file for shake table testing is being developed and a technical bulletin discussing the difference between the functional requirements and performance requirements can be found in the technical bulletin page.
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Technical Bulletins Technical bulletins are being developed or are available in a pdf format. They include explanation of code requirements and more. We at the Seismic Source Company have our list of priorities, but we will do our best to accomodate requests of our subscribers to produce technical bulletins that help the industry.
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Walkdown Checklists There have many requests from colleagues for reference material that will help building owners and engineers walkdown existing buildings. We have started to develop helpful documents in the form of checklists that organize the building review process. These documents are not to be used to qualify equipment, but when used by trained proffesionals, they can be effective tools to document the current status of the building.
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